Incredible up-close video of tornado forming near New Port Richey, Florida 



Weather enthusiast Nicholas Krasznavolgyi captured an incredible up-close video of a tornado forming near New Port Richey, Florida yesterday (watch below). 

Krasznavolgyi posted the 2-minute video on his Twitter account approximately 11 hours ago. You can read the caption for the Twitter uploaded video below. 

“Video footage of the tornado I [Krasznavolgyi] witnessed earlier today. A rare incredible view up the mouth of the funnel! Near the end you can hear me yell Tornado as it started lofting trees. Unfortunately didn’t catch that part, but in the video you can see pieces of debris in the air”

Krasznavolgyi (@NickKrasz_Wx)

For a first intercept, we’re hugely impressive. You can find more tweets Krasznavolgyi posted about the tornadogenesis he captured on video below. 

“I can’t wait to follow your career Nicholas, keep on chasing! I KNOW YOU’LL GO FAR AFTER CAPTURING THIS!” 

Jamie Simms, Discover Tornadoes website lead

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