Funnel cloud caught on camera near Snettisham, Norfolk Tuesday 


A BBC TV presenter spotted the funnel! A funnel cloud was caught on camera near Snettisham, Norfolk this past Tuesday.

The above photo was captured by BBC Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan. Strachan posted the image on her Twitter account. You can read the caption for the Twitter posted photo below. 

“It could be a stormy @BBCSpringwatch tonight!! An hour ago we had what looks like a tornado @ChrisGPackham and I could end up in Kansas with Dorothy and the scarecrow instead of with the wildlife of @WildKenHill! Wish us luck.”

Michaela Strachan (@michaelastracha)

In order for it to be considered a tornado, ground circulation (aka a debris cloud) must be observed. Also, not all tornadoes have fully condensed funnels so a debris cloud is vital.

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