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Welcome to Discover Tornadoes!

Discover Tornadoes is a new not-for-profit website dedicated to sharing tornado news, information, and more.

Jamie Simms (Discover Tornadoes website lead)

Jamie Simms is a 29-year-old autistic applied computing graduate who has had a love for tornadoes since a young age. 

“I really hope you enjoy the content I produce for you, I’m ready for a wild ride! I really want to thank Vicky for all her support and contentious friendship. She’s defiantly one of people that I have dedicated this site too. A site dedication list will be produced shortly.”

Jamie Simms

Suffering from substantial health issues, Jamie needed something to keep his mind off things…and launching Discover Tornadoes was that thing. 

Jamie has experience in running websites (Orlando Theme Park Zone) and he hopes to implement his skills in Discover Tornadoes.

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