Deadly Gaylord, Michigan EF-3 tornado passes by motorist parked at bank 


This is breathtaking footage! Watch last month’s deadly Gaylord, Michigan EF-3 tornado pass by a motorist parked at a bank in the video below. 

At this time, we cannot confirm who captured the footage in the above video. However, ViralHog (video licensing company) uploaded the video on their YouTube channel. You can read the description for the YouTube video below. 

“Occurred on May 20th, 2022 | Gaylord, Michigan – I was sitting at the local bank unaware of the tornado warning, seconds after stopping, a strong storm and wind picked up, I turned on my phone camera to discover I was actually filming the tornado.” 


This video actually offers a different perspective of the damaging tornado, which killed 2 people and injured over 40. You can find all our coverage on the Gaylord, MI EF-3 tornado here

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