Tornado rips house apart near Dodge City, Kansas 


“An incredible catch by our good friend Brett Adair!”

Jamie Simms, Discover Tornadoes website lead

We never noticed this moment until now! Watch the moment a tornado rips apart a house near Dodge City, Kansas in the video below. 

The footage in the above video was captured by storm chaser Brett Adair. You can read the description for the YouTube uploaded video below.

“An incredible sequence to a tornado supercell that latched onto an outflow boundary in western Kansas near Dodge City on Tuesday May 24th, 2016. At least 10 total tornadoes touched down from this long lived supercell. Dramatic incidents unfolded as a home started to rip apart as the large, left moving stovepipe tornado tore through. Law enforcement in Ford County checked on the home and the residents were unharmed thankfully. This supercell produced tornadoes for over 60 minutes straight with multiple tornadoes on the ground many times.” 

Brett Adair, Live Storms Media

As mentioned in the above description, the tornado occurred on the 24th May, 2016. You can fid more videos of this tornado below. 

You’ll see the house being ripped apart in the above video as well.

The tornado was rated EF-3 (with estimated peak wind speeds of 136 miles per hour). The length of this tornado’s path was 10 miles, according to the National Weather Service in Dodge City, KS.

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