Tornado caught on camera near Foley, Minnesota yesterday  


The above photo (full version can be found below) was taken 2 miles southwest of Gilman, MN. A tornado was caught on camera near Foley, Minnesota yesterday.

The footage in the above video was captured by storm chaser Jarrod Schoenecker. You can read the description for the YouTube uploaded video below.

“Conical tornado and wide bowl rotating wall cloud near Foley, MN. [A] shot description [can be found below]: 0:00 – Conical tornado with report to National Weather Service, 0:29 – Closer of conical tornado, 0:37 – Rope out of tornado, 0:47 – Wide rotating bowl funnel” 

Jarrod Schoenecker via Storm Chasing Video

According to Tornado Tailgaters on Facebook, the tornado lasted around 5 minutes. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Photo credit: Tornado tailgaters

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