Storm chase tour van hit by Lockett, Texas tornado (UPDATE)


Original article: According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Brad Arnold, a storm chase tour van was hit by the tornado that struck Lockett, Texas last night. You can read the tweet Arnold posted below. 

“Extensive damage in Lockett, TX. All hands on deck for search and rescue. Tour van took a direct hit. Trees completely debarked. #txwx” 

Brad Arnold (@BradArnoldWX)

A little while after Arnold’s tweet, fellow storm chaser Stefanie M tweeted 2 photos of the tour van after it was hit (see below). 

You can read the tweet Stefanie posted with the above photos 4 hours ago below.

“A chase tour got hit by edge tornado in Lockett, TX. @MattMapMaker and I stayed to help until police arrived at the scene. Always be extremely careful in severe weather situations. #txwx #wxtwitter @NWS Norman.” 

Stefanie M (@KimChills)

Around an hour ago, Matt Maynard (@MattMapMaker) posted a tweet that said himself and a guy called Joe got the tour van out of the mud. You can read the tweet Maynard posted below. 

“Me and a guy named Joe got the Cloud 9 Chase Tour van out of the mud and back on the road. @KimChills helped give some first aid. W say they were hit, and immediately stopped and helped despite the rain, hail, and downed power lines. They seemed fine but in shock. #txxw” 

Matt Maynard (@MattMapMaker)

Thankfully, it would appear only one guest suffered minor injuries. Stay tuned for further updates. 

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Update: Courtesy of Live Storms Media, an interview video has emerged of the storm chase tour van after it was hit. Watch below:

You can read the description for the YouTube uploaded video below.

A tornado tour van was spun around in a tornado broke the windows in the van, 1 person with minor injuries B-roll and SOTS.

Live Storms Media

Update #2: Watch the moment the tour van is hit by the tornado in the video below (you can read the description for the YouTube uploaded video underneath).

“Tornado hit us in Lockett, TX at night on May 4th, 2022. It tuned sharply north. Everybody is okay.”

Charles Edwards, Cloud 9 Chase Tours

Update #3: Chris O’Neal posted a brief video of the tour van being moved off the road on Facebook. Watch here (issue with website playback at this time).

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