Close range intercept of Morton, Texas tornado (UPDATE)


Original article: There’s so much footage to view! Watch the close range intercept of yesterday’s Morton, Texas tornado in the video below.

At this time, we cannot confirm who captured the incredible footage in the above video. However, Live Storms Media uploaded the video on their channel. You can read the description for then YouTube uploaded video below.

“CLOSE RANGE Large & dusty wedge tornado that developed about 7 miles to the north of Morton, TX. This tornado turned into a strong monster and crossed the road just yards in front of us at nearly a mile wide!” 

Live Storms Media

This is the scenario storm chasers dream about! You can watch more videos of this photogenic tornado below.

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Update: We can now confirm that Tornado Intercept’s Stephen Jones captured the footage in the first video of the original article. Adam of Texas Storm Chasers was involved also.

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