Funnel cloud caught on camera in Chorley, Lancashire


Our first article on a funnel cloud in England. A funnel cloud was caught on camera in Chorley, Lancashire. 

The footage in the above video was captured by CW Weather (@ChorleyWeather). You can read the description for the Twitter uploaded video below. 

“Here is the funnel cloud vid from earlier, Chorley, Lancs approx 18:15 – 18:25.”

CW Weather (@ChorleyWeather)

A photo of the funnel cloud can be found below (caption included):

Photo credit: CW Weather (@ChorleyWeather)

“Just captured a massive spin up on the recent thunderstorm in Chorley funnel cloud was spinning, didn’t appear to get close to touchdown so will remain a funnel cloud until any more information to hand. I recorded it too, just editing the vid.” 

CW Weather (@ChorleyWeather)

In case you didn’t know, tornadoes and funnel clouds do occur in the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland). 

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