Tornado interrupts duck hunt in Illinois 


What the duck! Watch the moment a tornado “discretely” interrupts a duck hunt in Illinois in the video below. 

At this time, we cannot identify who captured the footage in the above video. However, ViralHog (video licensing company) uploaded the video on their YouTube channel. You can read the description for the YouTube video below. 

“Occurred on December 1st, 2018 | Havana, IL – We were out hurting like any normal day when a tornado formed. We had no where to go. The ATV was in between us and the tornado, so we hunkered down and hoped for the best. We ended up getting our limits of ducks.” 

ViralHog via original video owner

As mentioned in the above description, the tornado occurred on the 1st December, 2018. That date is significant! Why you may ask?

The Havana tornado was one of over 20 that touched down during the 1st December, 2018 IL tornado outbreak (find out more about the outbreak here).

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