Man films unbelievable video of tornado in North Dakota   


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Back in 2014, a man captured unbelievable video of a tornado that swept through a trailer camp for oil workers in North Dakota (watch below).  

The tornado tracked just south of Watford City, ND and lasted for around 10 minutes. 

The footage in the above video was captured by Dan Yorgason, according to The Daily Edge

Yorgason and his fellow oil workers had no basement to take shelter in when the tornado swept through the trailer camp. Instead of finding some kind of shelter swiftly, the group decided to watch it.

After capturing the footage in the above video, the group then sought shelter in a truck. Instead of fleeing the tornado, the group remained in the truck and watched it.

“There was literally nowhere to go. The Tornado was coming down the hill along our only escape route. There was nowhere for us to go. It was crazy!” 

Dan Yorgason, The Daily Edge

You can find more videos of the 2014 Watford City, ND tornado below.

The tornado was rated EF2 (with estimated peak wind speeds of 120 miles per hour). The length of this tornado’s path was just under half a mile, according to the NOAA Storm Events Database. Unfortunately, 9 people were injured by the tornado.

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