Tornado caught on camera in Pliego, Spain yesterday (UPDATE)


Original article: Our first article on a tornado outside the U.S. A large tornado was caught on camera in Pliego (Murcia), Spain yesterday. 

At this time, we cannot confirm who captured the footage in the above video. However, it was brought to our attention by MAS TURIA – Valencia on Facebook (via @meteose on Twitter).

You can read the description for the Facebook uploaded video below.

“Tornado en las proximidades de Pliego, Murcia (Tornado in the vicinity of Pliego, Murcia – translation).”

MAS TURIA – Valencia

The tornado reportedly caused substantial damage, stay tuned for further updates (including more video).

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Update: The tornado debarked and uprooted trees in it’s path. Whilst we cannot confirm who caught the tornado on camera, we do have a name.

David Cifuentes posted a number of videos of the tornado in a Murcia weather-related Facebook group.

Stay tuned to Discover Tornadoes for more tornado news, information, and more. 


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