Multi-vortex tornado destroys barn in South Dakota 


These particular types of tornadoes fascinate us. Watch the moment a multi-vortex tornado destroys a barn in South Dakota in the video below.

The incredible footage in the above video was captured by storm chaser Dick McGowan. You can read the description for the YouTube uploaded video below. 

“Multi-vortex tornado destroys barn, dances on pond! Alpine, SD Tornado June 18th, 2014. This tornado was a shape-shifter, as it frequently would change shapes as the rope out stage would begin. Unfortunately, it did hit one farm and killed a poor dog, but the people were okay. In the [above] video, I show where the tornado hits that farm.” 

Dick McGowan 

It was a cone tornado at one point! Let us know if you were mesmerised watching the life cycle of this tornado in the comments below.

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  1. You did a great job capturing that tornado. It was very interesting to watch. I’m glad that nobody was killed during it, and I pray for the family of that dog. That is sad to read. I certainly was memorized.

    • Hey Autumn, thank you for your wonderful comment. As mentioned in the article, Dick McGowan captured the tornado on video, he’s a favourite of ours.

      Jamie Simms, Discover Tornadoes website lead

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