Funnel cloud caught on camera near Stockton, California 


Stay tuned for further updates. A rotating funnel cloud has been caught on camera near Stockton, California. 

The remarkable footage in the above footage was captured by Jeremy Johnson. However, Heather Waldman of KCRA News posted the video on Twitter. You can read the caption for the tweeted video below. 

“Wow, look at this video! Jeremy Johnson took this near Stockton around noon. The @kcranews weather team is still tracking a nasty line of storms along Highway 26 and parts of I-5 near Stockton.” 

Heather Waldman, KCRA News

Waldman is warning people in San Juaquin county to keep an eye on the sky for the next few hours. More video of the funnel cloud can be found below.

The funnel didn’t touch the ground. Stay tuned to Discover Tornadoes for more tornado news, information, and more. 

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