Storm chaser reportedly hit by tornado in Texas yesterday 


According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Greg McLaughlin, a fellow chaser was hit by a tornado in Texas yesterday. You can read the tweet McLaughlin posted below: 

“Apparently a storm chaser was hit by a tornado in Texas yesterday. My immediate thought was did this guy get munched by the tornado West of Salado, TX when it took that hard left. Fortunately he survived.” 

Greg McLaughlin, (@GregMc_wx)

Dave Bradbury, the storm chaser reportedly struck, posted the photo below with the following caption on his Facebook account.

Credit: Dave Bradbury

“This is what happens when you get a little too close to the storm! Nothing like chasing a Texas Tornado!!” 

Dave Bradbury

We’re happy to report that Bradbury is unharmed. As of publishing this article, we’ve reached out to Bradbury for comment. 

It would be fair to assume that Bradbury was chasing the damaging Salado tornado when this unfortunate accident happened.

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