Tornado caught on camera near Martinsburg, Iowa

Photo Credit: Stas

Easy contender for tornado video of the year. A large and high-contrast tornado was caught on camera near Martinsburg, Iowa this past Friday, 31st March, 2023. 

The breathtaking footage in the above video was captured by experienced storm chaser Stas (aka Stas is Chasing). Here’s a quote from the chaser himself:

“Once I saw the storm get ready to produce a tornado I got directly in the path of it and let it come at me. I filmed the growing tornado as long as I could until a house half a mile down the road from me got swallowed up then I started escaping.”


According to the National Weather Service event summary, the tornado was rated EF-4 with estimated peak wind speeds of 170 miles per hour. You can find out more here

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