Video offers new perspective of Andover, Kansas EF-3 tornado 


The number of changes this tornado went through fascinated us. A recently uploaded video offers a new perspective of the damaging EF-3 tornado that struck Andover, Kansas last month (watch below). 

The impressive footage in the above video was captured by Sandra Hattensohl. However, ViralHog (video licensing company) uploaded the video on their YouTube channel. You can read the description for the YouTube video below. 

“Occurred on April 29, 2022 | Wichita, Kansas, USA  – This was the biggest white funnel I’d ever seen that close and I thought it was dropping right onto our neighbourhood! The sirens had not started yet. I texted 2 of my neighbours “BASEMENT” and then sent them a quick blurb about the tornado. My hubby took off towards the front door and I followed as soon as I lost view of the tornado. By the time I got up front the sirens were going off. I was just hoping people were getting to safety. Adrenaline rush for sure!” 

Sandra Hattensohl via ViralHog

It’s very fair to suggest that this tornado was very well documented. You can find all our coverage on the tornado that occurred on the 29th April, 2022 here

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