Tornado caught on camera near Givens Hot Springs, Idaho yesterday 


Of all people, a National Weather Service (NWS) employee observed it! A tornado was caught on camera near Givens Hot Springs, Idaho yesterday. 

At this time, we cannot confirm the name of the NWS employee who captured the footage in the above video. However, the NWS in Boise, ID posted the video on their Twitter account. You can read the blurb for the Twitter uploaded video below. 

“Yesterday, at around 5:15 PM MDT an NWS employee observed a weak, EF0 tornado moving across ID Highway 78 about a mile northwest of Givens Hot Springs. Estimated winds 65-75 mph. Estimated to be on ground for 15 minutes. Tornado crossed Snake River before dissipating. #IDwx” 

NWS Boise (@NWSBoise)

As mentioned in the above blurb, this “weak” tornado was rated EF-0 (estimated wind speeds of 65 – 75 miles per hour). How about that! Our first article on a tornado in ID, how about that!

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