Trio of tornadoes caught on camera in Meadow, Texas yesterday (UPDATE)


Original article: All 3 tornadoes were on the ground at the same time (with a distance between them). A trio of tornadoes were caught on camera in Meadow, Texas yesterday. 

The mesmerising footage in the above video was captured by Kevin Harrington. He posted the video on his Facebook account. You can read the blurb for the Facebook video below. 

“It’s amazing Meadow Texas Southwest of Lubbock Texas”

Kevin Harrington 

This will definitely be a video Harrington will share with people for a long time! It’s fair to suggest the great state of TX has seen some spectacular tornadoes over the last few days.

“Initially, I thought these were landspout tornados. However, I’m pretty certain they’re tornadoes after reading Reed Timmer’s tweet again (find below)”

Jamie Simms, Discover Tornadoes website lead

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Update: WE WERE WRONG!! We’ve learnt via Timmer that the three tornadoes are in fact, landspout tornadoes.

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