EF-5 tornado rips apart house in Iowa 


The house just comes apart! Watch the moment a EF-5 tornado rips apart a house in Parkersburg, Iowa in the video below. 

The footage in the above video was captured by a security camera on an ATM (find out more below). You can read the description for the YouTube uploaded video below. 

“This video, shot by surveillance cameras at the ATM in the drive-up lane at the First State Bank in Parkersburg, IA, shows a home across in Parkersburg being destroyed an EF-5 tornado on Sunday, May 25th, 2008. The video was provided by First State Bank officials.”

The Gazette

The tornado in the above video occurred on the 25th May, 2008. You can find more videos of this tornado below.

The tornado was rated EF-5 (with estimated peak wind speeds of 205mph). The length of this tornado’s path was 43 miles, according to the National Weather Service in Des Moines, IA. Sadly, the tornado killed 6 people an injured 70 people. 

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