Tornado caught on camera in Burnside, Kentucky (UPDATE)


Stay tuned for further updates. A tornado has been caught on camera in Burnside, Kentucky (outside Kingsford). 

The footage in the above video was captured by Toby Rose. Rose posted the video on Facebook approximately an hour ago. 

The tornado reportedly damaged trees and structures in the area. Photos of damage can be found below underneath link below.

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Update: Photos of damage this tornado caused can be found below (including the Lake Cumberland Speedway).

Gallery #1
Gallery #2

Update #2: A new video of the tornado has come to our attention via Ricky Sayer. Watch below:

‚ÄúNEW VIDEO: A possible funnel cloud was spotted in Burnside, Kentucky. We‚Äôre getting reports of storm damage in the area and are headed there now.‚ÄĚ

Ricky Sayer (@RickyReports)

Dubbed as a funnel cloud in the tweet above, we have come to the conclusion that this was a weak multi-vortex tornado (due to damage).

Stay tuned to Discover Tornadoes for more tornado news, information, and more. 

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