Tornado destroys Starbucks in Indiana 


The coffee shop was ripped apart like paper! Watch the moment a tornado destroys a Starbucks coffee shop in Kokomo, Indiana in the video below.

The footage in the above video was captured by Brandon Mobley. However, Storyful (video licensing company) uploaded the video on their YouTube channel. You can read the description for the YouTube video below. 

“A tornado destroys a Starbucks coffee shop at the Markland Mall in Kokomo, [IN] and was caught on camera. Despite the tornado’s damage and destruction, no one was injured. Eyewitness Brandon Mobley said he and others ran to to help after recording the close up viral video of the tornado as it demolished the store. Mobley described witnessing the powerful twister smash through the store to reporters at the scene later in the day but said he believed they would brew coffee again.”

Brandon Mobley via Storyful

The tornado in the above video occurred on the 24th August, 2016. More videos of the 2016 damaging tornado can be found below.

The tornado was rated EF-3 (with estimated peak wind speeds of 152 miles per hour). The length of this tornado’s path was almost 9 miles, 8.78 miles to be exact, according to the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, IN. 

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